Retro Chic Velvets With Modern Flair

Posted by Jamie Stern on 4/3/24 5:13 PM

Emilio Collection-19

Jeannene Doub is a veteran textile designer who currently serves as the Director of Design & Development for Jamie Stern’s Fabric division. She first came to the world of textiles by training as a hand weaver before formally studying textile design at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now part of Thomas Jefferson University) and the Scottish College of Textile in Galashiels, Scotland. After decades designing fabrics for the interior design community, she has developed a thorough understanding of the critical balance between design, production and sales. As a result, she has established herself as a creative force within the Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet, Leather & Fabric team.

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A New York City-Designer Plays With Form On Her First Rug Collection

Posted by Jamie Stern on 10/24/23 4:41 PM


Caroline Kepley is the co-founder and lead designer of Comma, an industrial design firm with a central focus on interior projects. Drawing inspiration from a self-described transient upbringing in which change was the only constant, she places great value on the power of evolving environments and projects with a true sense of freshness.

Reverie for Jamie Stern represents Kepley’s first collection of natural fiber rugs. The three designs – Visage, Celine and Terre – are born out of her love for novelty, a fascination with human connection and a constant search for beauty. Her commitment to crafting distinct experiences, evoking emotions and inspiring connections through design is as present and undeniable in this collection as it is in the rest of her work.

Read our interview with Caroline Kepley below to learn more about her creative process, the inspirations behind the Reverie Collection and the designer herself!

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A Miami-Based Designer Draws From Tropical Landscapes For His First Rug Collection

Posted by Jamie Stern on 10/11/23 3:39 PM

1-Jamie Stern Design, Lisa Russman Photography, Zehaus Collection

Kenzie Leon Perry is the founder and Creative Director of the Miami-based Ze Haus Design Studio. A native of The Magic City, Perry seeks to create art and designs inspired by its black and Afro-Caribbean culture and historic neighborhoods like Coconut Grove. A lifelong love of nature also informs his work with coconut trees, palms and flowering tropical plants serving as frequent motifs.

Paradiso represents Perry’s first foray into designing a collection of area rugs. While each of the three designs - Mira, Palmetto and Laurel - is bold and distinctive, an emphasis on handmade production techniques, all-natural fibers and an undeniable sense of Miami flair seamlessly ties this singular collection together.

Read our interview with Kenzie Leon Perry below to learn more about his inspirations, creative process and the designer himself!

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A Brooklyn-Based Designer Explores Her Roots Through Natural Fiber Rugs

Posted by Jamie Stern on 1/23/23 11:40 AM


Mitra Moshari is the founder and principal of the Brooklyn-based interior design firm, Moshari Studio. Growing up on three continents, the Swiss-born Persian designer developed a love for vibrant, diverse approaches to art, architecture and design.

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