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Furniture, Carpet, Fabric & Leather Take Center Stage in Austin, TX!

Posted by Jamie Stern on 6/14/23 5:00 PM

The Moody Center in Austin, TX

Located on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, the Moody Center is a new 15,000+ seat venue that hosts a variety of sports, entertainment and family events. The stadium is home to both the women’s and men’s basketball teams and attracts top acts from every popular genre of music.

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Classic Leather Furniture for a Wine Bar

Posted by Jamie Stern on 5/10/23 4:00 PM

On a recent trip down to Washington DC from our headquarters in northern New Jersey, we took some time out of our day to stop by WineLAIR in the city’s West End neighborhood - just east of Georgetown. This private, membership-based lounge and bar serves as a community for DC’s wine enthusiasts and can be found next to the Ritz-Carlton. The location represents the first US-based expansion of the popular European WineBANK concept which has locations in Hamburg, Vienna, Frankfurt, Basel and Cologne.

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The Inaugural Jamie Stern Furniture Design Contest

Posted by Jamie Stern on 3/28/23 3:52 PM


From February 1st to March 5th, we called on all interior designers in the United States and Canada to submit an original lounge chair design for the chance to win a fully upholstered prototype. We had run similar competitions the past three years with our ever-growing Rug Design Contest and thought it might be fun to expand this concept, the end result being the Inaugural Jamie Stern Furniture Design Contest!

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Brooklyn-Based Designer Explores Her Roots Through Natural Fiber Rugs

Posted by Jamie Stern on 1/23/23 11:40 AM


Mitra Moshari is the founder and principal of the Brooklyn-based interior design firm, Moshari Studio. Growing up on three continents, the Swiss-born Persian designer developed a love for vibrant, diverse approaches to art, architecture and design.

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2022 Year In Review

Posted by Jamie Stern on 12/23/22 12:17 PM


As we head into 2023, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the past year and all of our exciting endeavors. We were fortunate enough to work on many inspired projects, collaborate with some amazingly talented architects and designers and introduce a great deal of new products that we are truly proud of.

Below are just a few of the highlights from the past twelve months.

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Design a Custom Leather with Jamie Stern

Posted by Jamie Stern on 12/14/22 5:32 PM

First of all, why design a custom leather? Interior designers come to us with custom leather requests for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a leather is out of stock, discontinued or just too expensive. Sometimes they need a more durable version with extra protection for a high-traffic area. Sometimes they have a specific vision for a leather but it doesn’t seem to exist.

Whatever your reason may be, creating a custom leather shouldn’t be a daunting process. At Jamie Stern, we believe it should be an engaging, hands-on experience that puts the designer in the driver’s seat.

Whether you’ve worked with us before or are exploring the world of custom leather for the very first time, our team of experienced project managers and artisan leather finishers will help you bring your vision to life in the form of a beautiful leather sample (or strike-off). The kicker? This process is complimentary and only takes one week!

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The Sustainability of Leather

Posted by Jamie Stern on 4/21/22 3:16 PM

Jamie Stern’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is an essential company-wide value that informs all of our decisions and practices. Our leather division in particular champions eco-friendly sourcing, tanning, finishing and shipping to ensure that our leathers are as green as possible from start to finish. Reducing our overall carbon footprint while still offering unprecedented pricing, flexibility and quality is certainly not the easiest of endeavors, but it is the one we are most proud of.

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2021 Year In Review

Posted by Jamie Stern on 12/27/21 12:30 PM


2021 was an exciting year for everyone at Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet & Leather. In many ways, it was our best year ever. We launched a number of incredible new products, collaborated with some wonderfully talented designers on unforgettable collections, and contributed to countless amazing projects in the hospitality, corporate and residential markets.

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Corporate Furniture, Carpet & Leather in the Windy City

Posted by Jamie Stern on 11/12/20 3:37 PM


At Jamie Stern, we strive to facilitate the design process by enabling absolute creative freedom and viewing all of our clients as true collaborators. Whether they are interested in standard or custom products, specifying furniture, carpet or leather or are coming to us with a large or small project, we pride ourselves on working closely with designers and architects to ensure that specifying their design materials is not only seamless and efficient, but also engaging and fun!

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National Rug Design Contest

Posted by Jamie Stern on 9/30/20 4:53 PM


On March 12th, everyone at Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet & Leather began working remotely due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. On March 13th, we began brainstorming ways to maintain some semblance of normalcy, continue building relationships with our partners in the interior design community and most importantly, have a little fun!

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