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Posted by Jamie Stern on 4/3/24 5:13 PM

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Jeannene Doub is a veteran textile designer who currently serves as the Director of Design & Development for Jamie Stern’s Fabric division. She first came to the world of textiles by training as a hand weaver before formally studying textile design at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now part of Thomas Jefferson University) and the Scottish College of Textile in Galashiels, Scotland. After decades designing fabrics for the interior design community, she has developed a thorough understanding of the critical balance between design, production and sales. As a result, she has established herself as a creative force within the Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet, Leather & Fabric team.

Her latest endeavor, The Emilio Velvet Collection, sits at the intersection of retro chic and timeless practicality. By executing classic mid-century design motifs in the highest-performing modern velvets, its four distinct patterns, Rondelle, DaVoe, Kensington Square and Radiance, introduce playful and colorful elements to the Jamie Stern Fabric offerings.

Read our interview with Jeannene Doub below to learn more about her creative process, the inspirations behind the Emilio Collection and the designer herself!


Could you describe your inspirations behind the Emilio Collection?

I set out to explore the whimsy of mid-century pattern design by focusing on motifs like playful geometrics and graphic ovals that were everywhere during that period. Two of the patterns in particular, Kensington Square with its frenetic sketch-like squares and Rondelle with its rounded forms, are the results of that original jumping off point.

The two additional patterns, DaVoe and Radiance, began as explorations of color. The burnt oranges, saturated blues and olive greens of that era really spoke to me, and I felt they were ripe for a contemporary twist. Conversely, the restrained palette of Radiance incorporates softer, mottled tones also indicative of the midcentury. These earthier colors act as warm complements to the more intense hues of rest of the collection.


Where does your process begin when designing a fabric collection?

Color! I’m obsessed with color. I usually start flipping through my color inspiration folder that contains all sorts of samples and images that I collect on the go. These are usually pulled from vintage fabric samples, art & design social media postings, textured papers or personal photos.

I’m also an abstractionist by nature. I’m fascinated by the up-close point of view of an object. Uncut pineapple, the way frost crackles on glass, a collage of leaf textures seen on my morning walk. In their own ways, these all informed aspects of the Emilio Collection’s velvets.


How long has this collection been in the works?

Generally, from start to finish, all our collections take about two years. From the collection’s concept to pattern development and color selection all the way to the formal introduction. Two years sounds about right. So, I probably started with Emilio in early 2022.


Do you have a personal favorite fabric (or fabrics) in the collection?

Rondelle due to its striking contrast of color and texture. It features these bold, bright colors on raised elliptical motifs juxtaposed against a muted, neutral background. The result is almost mosaic-like.

With that said, I’m also partial to DaVoe. I love the way its sumptuous pile boosts its color clarity. But what truly sets DaVoe apart, is that it is made of IFR polyester. It inherently passes the NFPA-701 flame certification without additional treatment and can therefore be used for drapery in public spaces. It’s a high performance upholstery fabric with a luxury look and feel that doubles as a drapery fabric that inherently passes 701... what a bonus!



How do you hope this collection will be received?

Our team saw a need to offer our customers more than simple textures. We forced ourselves out of our comfort zone with bolder colors and more graphic patterns. As director of the division, I love all of these fabrics and hope they will be seen by the A&D community as both beautiful and luxurious but also broadly applicable.


Do you have an early design memory that still informs your process?

As I mentioned a few minutes ago, I’ve always been obsessed with color. I can remember lying in bed as a child and mentally rearranging the decorations and accessories on my wall to create a more pleasing color story. I didn’t even realize what I was doing, it was just the thing I did. Reordering the tchotchkes, posters or collected stuff of childhood until it felt right.

Do you have any plans for future collections?

There are four additional collections currently on the table. We are hoping to release all within the next twelve months. While these will include performance offerings, there will be a real focus on boutique fabrics that emphasize the many benefits of natural, sustainable fibers. Ever since my first job out of college working in a wool upholstery mill, I’ve been passionate about the beauty and integrity of wool and other natural fibers.


Lastly, do you have a favorite vacation spot?

Southern Portugal in the winter. The colors are so clear there. Those colors combined with the history and architecture of the area served as the inspiration for the fabrics of The Algarve Collection (which was named after the southernmost region of Portugal). 

And of course, the moody west coast of Scotland where the variation of grays is infinite!

See more from the Emilio Collection by Jeannene Doub for Jamie Stern here.

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