Jamie Stern Ski Weekend 2019 Recap

Posted by Jamie Stern on 3/26/19 9:42 AM
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The 7th Annual Jamie Stern Ski Weekend took place between March 15th and March 17th and it could not have been a more enjoyable time! Nearly 50 designers and 10 Jamie Stern team members left New York City on Friday afternoon and headed up to Vermont’s very own Stratton Mountain for two full days of early spring skiing.

After work on Friday, the group assembled on 14th Street and piled onto a Northbound charter bus, captained by everyone’s favorite driver, Samir. After a single pit stop in which everyone grabbed a quick, health-conscious bite, the posse arrived at Stratton’s Black Bear Lodge just after 11:00. Everyone found their rooms and were promptly asleep, knowing full well what the next day had in store for them.

Saturday morning featured an early start for our courageous designers. Garret and Hayley came knocking just after 8:30, at which point most of the crew was fully dressed and finishing up their hearty New England breakfasts. While still digesting, the shuttle came calling and delivered everyone to Stratton’s Base Lodge where the veteran skiers hit the slopes, the beginners located their lessons and everyone else either found a comfortable seat on a chair lift or at the bar. It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend after all! In addition to all the skiing and drinking, many of the designers participated in a weekend-long scavenger hunt and a carpet design contest!

The whole gang shredded until the mountain closed at which point some made their way to the Black Bear Lodge’s spa, some kept the St. Patrick’s Day festivities going at the inn’s bar and others crashed hard for a 2-3 hour nap session. The charter bus then picked up the entire group and drove them to Jamie’s cabin in nearby Londonderry, Vermont for the famous bonfire party. The party featured a roaring bonfire (naturally) curated by some real professionals, tons and tons of food and drink, board games, dogs, shot skis, mulled wine, straw and mud (lots of mud).

Sunday morning saw a slightly later start for understandable reasons. It also saw a few members of the party heading to Stratton’s backside for some tubing action. While a few brave designers hit the slopes for a second day in a row, a much larger contingency ended up occupying barstools and either nursing Bloody Marys or injuries sustained the day before. The day wrapped up at 2:00 with the crew gathering back on the bus for a mellow, scenic ride back to New York. Tearful farewells were exchanged back on 14th Street as Garret delivered one of his signature lines: “This isn’t goodbye. Merely… see you later.”


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