Eclectic Rugs for The Moxy Hotel

Posted by Jamie Stern on 8/26/20 3:56 PM

When the Washington DC-based Streetsense was tasked with designing the Atlanta location of Moxy by Marriott, they knew they were going to need a series of eclectic rugs as playful and stylish as the hotel itself. Jamie Stern was brought in the create a series of casual custom rugs for a large public area. Above all else, the project was meant to give off a “We don’t take ourselves too seriously” vibe.

The design team was looking for stock hand loomed rugs which would be overdyed and stitched together to form a lively, abstract pattern with a non-traditional sizing. They placed a greater emphasis on the overall concept of how the rugs would look once together, rather than the specific design of each rug.

Jamie Stern worked closely with our partner factory in India to showcase the large variety of stock rugs available. Once these designs were selected, many of them were overdyed and customized per Streetsense’s specifications before being artfully stitched together. The final outcome captured the casual, laid-back design without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

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